In memory of Chad Pence

in memoriam: Chad Pence

The Fort Mill Band Family extends love and condolences to the family of Chad Pence.  Mr. Pence poured his talent, emotion, and musicianship into Fort Mill High School Band students from the summer of 2003 until the spring of 2014.  He served as associate band director with Martin Dickey first, and then with John Pruitt.  All of his experience with drum corps proved invaluable in his work with our marching band.  His love for concert literature and co-teaching of the Wind Symphony culminated in a featured performance at the 2014 MFA National Concert Festival in Indianapolis.  More important than the awards and trophies of his tenure at FMHS is the passion for music performance that he instilled in so many of our students.  Like he did with multiple drum corps and band programs, Mr. Pence showed our students that playing music with all of your heart is one of the most beautiful ways to communicate what matters most.