All-Region & All-State Honors 2021

Congratulations to all students who auditioned for the 2021 All-Region/All-State Bands. The following students earned region and or state honors for our band.

NameLevelInstrumentAll-State ChairAll-Region Chair
Jennifer WCLFlute11 
Emma GCLFlute 08
Breanna GCLFlute 09
Maebry ACLFlute A04
Nora RCLOboe0103
Reagan ACLOboe0204
Emily KCLBassoon 03
Kendall WCLBassoon 04
Peter HCLClarinet 10
Carolena SCLClarinet 15
Alexis CCLClarinet 17
Kaitlyn ACLClarinet 18
Gabby TCLClarinet 20
Baden SCLBass Clarinet 03
Sarah RCLBass Clarinet 04
Kaylee CCLBass Clarinet A01
Chris HCLAlto Sax 02
Bryce PCLBari Sax A01
Charlie ECLTrumpet 02
Remington CCLTrumpet 15
Ian ACLTrumpet A04
Adam GCLTrumpet A07
Elliot MCLTrumpet A08
Jonah SCLHorn 02
Ryan MCLHorn 03
Aleksandar WCLHorn 07
Ethan MCLHorn A02
Jack SCLTrombone 02
Carter WCLTrombone 07
Emma TCLTrombone A01
Elijah BCLTuba 03
Gabe SCLTuba 07
Chad MCLBass Trombone 01
Ryan MSRFlute 04
Katherine PSRFlute 08
Ava MSRFlute 11
Meridan DSRFlute A06
Daniel SSRBassoon 01
Gabrielle PSRBassoon 04
Benjamin HSRClarinet 06
Jacob WSRClarinet 13
Madeline CSRClarinet 16
Malachi HSRClarinet 19
Sam JSRClarinet0523
Jack DSRAlto Sax 05
Conner JSRAlto Sax A02
Mason VSRTenor Sax 02
Jake HSRBari Sax A01
Elijah FSRTrumpet07 
Elliot WSRTrumpet13 
Ryan MSRTrumpet 10
Katherine LSRTrumpet A01
Oliver ASRTrumpet A03
Mikayla BSRTrumpet A04
Bradley MSRTrumpet A05
Sarah Kate MSRHorn 04
Reed WSRHorn 06
Ben MSRHorn A02
Georgia KSRTromboneA0101
Will SSRTrombone 02
William BSRTrombone 05
Alexander TSREuphonium03 
Erik SSRTuba06 
Evan SSRTuba 04
Ben SSRTuba A02
William SSRBass Trombone0101
Rhiannon MSRPercussion 06
Sean MSRPercussion A04
2021 Region and All-State Results